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Casual Wear

Casual Wear

Casual Wear items in this area are available for purchase with a personal credit card. They are not available on the USPS uniform allowance. Shipping is free and sales tax is applicable.   
Our complete line of slip resistant shoes and boots, socks and gloves are available with or without a postal uniform allotment.
Sales tax is applied when customer service processes the order.
Hooded Sweatshirts and T Shirts
Carrier Mail Bag Shokstrap
Thermal Top and Bottom
Gloves for Spring, Fall & Winter
Cobbler & Utility
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Carrier Shokstrap 114868
Price: $36.00
Carrier Shokstrap 114868
Carrier Mailbag Shoulder Shokstrap
free shipping
Protective Face Mask 107649
Price: From $6.00 to $7.00
Protective Face Mask 107649
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