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Type 1 Letter Carriers & City Carrier Assistants
Available to city letter carriers, clerk/special delivery messengers, clerks performing city letter carrier duties, motor vehicle operators, tractor–trailer operators, driving instructors and examiners, letterbox mechanics, ramp clerks and transfer clerks, AMF, area maintenance technician/specialists, and maintenance mechanics working as letterbox mechanics. Passenger elevator operators and elevator starters should refer to ELM s 933.112 Type 1b.
New Allowances 5/21/19:  $571 Spend up to $636  $464 Spend up to $509
2018 Allowances: $556 Spend up to $621  $452 Spend up to $497
City Carrier Assistants (CCA) 5/21/19  $464 Spend up to $509
2018 $452 Spend up to $497

Employee Labor Relations Manual (ELM): No TYPE 1 employees can not wear or purchase the hooded sweatshirt.
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