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Don't lose your allotment! Call 1-800-527-0606 if your uniforms allowance expires in 30 days. Call before 7pm Cst.
Brookfield Uniforms
Union Preferred
Maximizes Allotment Dollars
Savings Plans: The largest bonus dollars in addition to the USPS Uniform allowance.
Bonus Options: Selected uniforms at no additional charge when you spend the full uniform allotment. Offer cannot combine with Savings Plan bonus.
Casual Wear T Shirt Bundles
Two T Shirts
One Baseball Cap

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Casual Wear T Shirt Bundles

USPS T shirt 114995
Two T Shirts and Cap Bundle
Price: $0.00
Two T Shirts and Cap Bundle
2 TShirts and Cap From $37 to $39
 Prices, terms and guarantees subject to change without notice.
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