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Brookfield Uniforms
Union Preferred
Maximizes Allotment Dollars
Savings Plans: The largest bonus dollars in addition to the USPS Uniform allowance.
Bonus Options: Selected uniforms at no additional charge when you spend the full uniform allotment. Offer cannot combine with Savings Plan bonus.

City Carrier Assistants
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Letter Carrier


Letter Carrier

Letter Carrier Long Sleeve Shirt 114215

Letter Carrier Womens Shirt Jac 114227

Window Clerk


Window Clerk Short Sleeve Shirt 114245

Maintenance Denim Shirt 112772
    New Allotment Increases 5/21/19

  First Year Carrier $571,
Veteran Carrier $464,  CCA's $464

Workers United Do Buy Union Preferred Letter

Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping Don't lose your allotment! Call 1-800-527-0606 if your uniforms allowance expires in 30 days.
Postal Sock
Wright Sock Bonus Offer
Price: $0.00
Wright Sock Bonus Offer
Wright Sock Buy 3 Get 1 Bonus Pair
black waterproof overshoe Monsoon 116113
Shoe In Monsoon Overshoe 116113
Price: $93.00
Shoe In Monsoon Overshoe 116113
Shoe In Monsoon Waterproof Overshoes S-XL
free shipping tax free
black waterproof insulated Avalance overshoe 116114
Shoe In Avalanche Insulated Overshoe 116114
Price: $108.00
Shoe In Avalanche Insulated Overshoe 116114
Shoe In Avalanche Waterproof Insulated Overshoes S-XL
free shipping tax free
 Prices, terms and guarantees subject to change without notice.
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