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What is "Bits and Pieces".
Over the past 50 years we have accumulated "Bits and Pieces" of information that we feel may be helpful to you in your workplace. The information provided comes from many places, but our best source is you.  Who would know better than the wearer of the uniforms? We do receive valuable information from many of the manufacturers. With all that being said, check back from time to time to see the latest update. are the best source, so if you have a Bit or a Piece...drop us an email
Did you know your shoes need a break just like you. That's why rotating with 2 or 3 pairs is best. The shoes last longer and in the long run...saves you money! If your shoes get wet, let them dry naturally. Don't use a blow dryer or put them in the clothes's bad for the leather.

The cape may seem like a silly thing to wear, but it can be very helpful on those warm and humid days. Button the top snap and leave the rest open. Your mail is protected.  The air can still flow through and the cost is much less than traditional rainwear. A great compliment to the cape is the plastic sun helmet

Early Out (Retirement)
The USPS is offering an "Early Out" program to the crafts within the APWU as well as letter carriers and postmasters. What does this have to do with uniforms? Good question! One of the last things you would remember during this time would be your uniform allowance.  If you place an order after you have filled out your paperwork for the "Early Out", the purchase is at your expense. This can be a legitimate mistake.  If the clothes and shoes have not been worn, we will take them back and credit your account.  If you have a question concerning ordering uniforms and retirement, ...give us a call at 1-800-527-0606 and we'll do our best to answer any of your concerns. 

Break Down of Materials 
Uniforms and footwear break down over time just like we do. The thread and fabric in your shirts, trousers, and outerwear as well as the soles of your footwear start to become brittle over time if not used. You are probably asking where are we going with this???  Don't put your extra items up in the closet and forget about them.  Don't wait to get them out until you can see through the shirt you're wearing or your big toe is sticking out the end of your shoe. Put new uniforms into the rotation with the rest of your uniforms. They all last longer which saves you money.  It will also reduce calls to us reporting what you think is a manufacturing defect.

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