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Note: This form is informational only. It is to be be used as a guide when calling our customer service recording on weekends and holidays. We are not responsible for lost uniform allowance funds.
If your allotment expires on Saturday, Sunday, or a Holiday follow these easy steps:
Call Citibank at 1-800-287-5003 to verify your balance.
Call Brookfield Uniforms at 800-527-0606 and have the following information ready prior to calling our expiring allotment  number.
1. Name: First__________Last__________
2. Date your allotment expires_____/_____(month/day)
3. Postal debit card number 471586____-______-______
4. Postal debit card expiration date_____/_____(month/year)
5. Total balance left on your postal debit card $______
6. Telephone number where you can be reached Hm(__)___-____Cell(__)___-____
Call Brookfield Uniforms before 7PM CST at 1-800-527-0606 and dial ext. 1 at the completion of the message, please provide the information from Step 1 through Step 6. Speak clearly and slowly. Calls placed after 7PM CST are checked the next day.  We'll make every effort possible to process your expiring allotment before it expires. In the event, you missed the deadline, Brookfield Uniforms is not responsible for lost uniform funds.
Call Brookfield Uniforms the next business day at 1-800-527-0606 to place the details for your order.
Thank you.
Brookfield Uniforms Customer Service
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